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Self taught as a photographer,I started taking pictures in my early teens, there were cameras in the house that I could use, being my father passionate about them and photography was his "sunday-hobby".
It was,in 1982-1983 that I was introduced ,through a photographer friend,to the IR ektachrome film, the Kodak color slide infrared film. I got some rolls  ,at the time it wasn't an easy task, and found myself shouting my first pictures with it. In 2008 I took the last pictures with the only  roll i had left, it had  expired since months, and the film had already been discontinued since a couple of years.
In those 25 years,1984-2008, I produced a considerable body of works.I was intrigued from the beginning by the film possibilities to bring out and accentuate the imaginative and fantastic aspects of the pictures I wanted to take.When i started ,they were staged tableaux of mysterious,oniric,surreal,mystical ,erotic,situations happening in enclosed spaces, sets I constructed with salvaged props and object I found and collected anywhere.
Later on, those enacted pictures were set open air, and then came photographs of natural environments,flowers,ancient sculptures.The fine out-of-focus effect the film delivered together with  a certain grain and the vivid saturation of colors ,provided me with a cohesive result oscillating between the determination of pointing out the camera to capture a scene, and the unpredictability of how it would turn out once the film was developed.
The complete infrared-film  body of works it is titled:"FORCES AND BLISSES",and  is made up of several portfolios:

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